To be honest, this post has been sitting in my drafts for nearly 3 weeks.  Why? First because my internet has been out for that long.  You can’t really update when you don’t have internet access.  Second, you may be thinking, “Oh, Sabrina, why not hang out at Starbucks or go somewhere with internet?”  That would’ve been great if I had a way of getting there.  In those same 3 weeks, my 3 person family (with overlapping schedules) has gone from having 3 cars to 1; I also live at least half an hour away from anything like a Starbucks.  Trials on trials on trials.  This past month, I have had to heavily rely on the Lord and spend time with Him to find peace.  With no internet and being home for 4 out of 7 days of the week, you can imagine I have a lot of time on my hands.  What did I decide to do with that time?  Be completely obedient to the Lord.  I sought Him, asked Him where He wanted me, and used this unique opportunity to help my family in other practical ways.

In my last blog post, Spiritual Temper Tantrums, I discussed how the Lord was going to show me the ways I could support my family and y’all, He never fails!  Since I’m home all day, I can do chores.  By the time my mom gets home from her 2 jobs, the dishes are clean, the laundry is done, and a different room in the house has been cleaned.  Sometimes, I am even able to make a meal that’s ready for her when she gets home!  It makes my heart so excited to know that there is at least 1 less thing for my mom to worry about.  I’ve been able to serve my family in a new way that is so fulfilling!  Another thing I’ve been able to accomplish while I’m home is spend structured time with the Lord.  I wake up and before I get out of bed, I’ve read my morning devotional.  Then I make breakfast and read whatever book of the Bible I’m currently studying.  I then journal, pray, and have my quiet time that have somtimes lasted hours.  There were days during my week where I spent a total of 6 or 7 hours of my day with God.   I have never felt more renewed in my whole spiritual life, y’all!

Now if you are reading this new post, it means that my internet came back on today (phew, haha)!  It’s such a blessing that whatever was wrong with our connection was found and fixed.  But isn’t that the same with our connection with God?  Sometimes, He unplugs us and declutters our lives from the rest of the world in order to get our attention.  How beautiful is it to know that the Lord of world wants us and loves to spend time with us?  He can run all of creation so much more efficiently without us but He is such a loving Father that He gives us the opportunity to be apart of it all with Him!  This is truly what He has been doing in my life this past month and I appreciate every moment of it.  I’ve never been this consistent in reading my Bible before, I’ve been given the chance to take a step into leadership with my home church, I’ve been more involved with my community, and I’ve been hearing His voice so much more clearly in regards to my future ministry and all that He has planned for me.  This month could have easily been the worst but it was by far the best time the Lord and I have had with each other.

Here are some things I have learned and/or done with the Lord (note: some of these may become full posts on my  blog in the future so keep an eye out for that)

  1. I started studying my 18th book of the Bible: Philemon.
  2. The girls group that I lead as part of my church’s youth ministry (called FUSE) have grown spiritually and I am constantly thankful that I was obedient and started serving in FUSE.
  3. I’ve learned more memory verses with my small group.
  4. My church ended a series called “I Am” where we learned about God’s identity in His own words via Scriprture.
  5. The Lord delivered me from letting my emotions control my life and decisions I make.
  6. He helped me identify the main things that were keeping me from a deeper relationship with Him (this will definitely be a future post).
  7. I was obedient and started the process of organizing a worship leader collective that will transform my ministry in music (also a definite future post).
  8. My church started a new series called “How to Beat the Odds” where we are discussing relationships and how God can step in and transform them.
  9. I personally started a new devotional called “Hillsong: 40 Days of Revival”.
  10. Started a new book of the Bible to study: Ephesians.
  11. The Lord showed me that there is still work to be done with my heart and understanding His design for romantic relationships (you guessed it, future post).
  12. God is teaching me how to have an expectant spirit that He will step into my every situation and fulfill His promises (same here).
  13. He is showing me that Godly men exist and what to look for in one (yep, this one too).
  14. In my church, I have stepped up in leadership for FUSE: I am the new grade level leader for 8th grade girl FUSE groups and I am a new team leader in the VIP room (where we welcome new students to FUSE).

Y’all, I’m telling you, God is so incredibly good.  He has been working on me nonstop and all I had to do was be obedient and listen.  Yes, I know it’s hard to do and sometimes, I don’t feel like going with what He is saying.  But it’s so worth it in the end and I am constantly finding new ways to trust the Lord.  I am not done, I am not perfect (nor will I ever be) and this journey is an ongoing process but I can’t wait to go forward with the knowledge that I have now.  Knowing that He can, He will, and He has makes every day just a little bit brighter.


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