It all started with a nanny job interview.

About 2 weeks ago, I quit my grown-up job, took up more chances to serve in church and have felt freer than ever before!  It was definitely a step taken in faith but I found that I wasn’t truly fulfilled or happy in my old job, though I loved everyone there. But after some time, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily practical for me to continue to live as a new adult at home, for free, without any income.  I asked the Lord how I could still keep my current schedule and time to dedicate to Him while also earning income so I could begin to support myself a little more.  Y’all, God answers prayer!  He showed me my past with child care and I remembered how much I truly enjoy being able to care for children.  After many conversations with the nanny friends in my life, fast forward some time, I landed an interview with an incredible family!  As it came to a close, I was asked about how I was interested in reconciling my major and my future career.  I told them about my calling to ministry as a worship leader but I also felt my subconscious seeping into my answer.

During my time in college, I learned more about what social media was and how it’s used in the technical sense.  I had always been on popular social outlets (i.e. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc) but I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I feel  I could have been.  Also, I felt like they were so one dimensional in that they were for people who fit a certain mold and didn’t always reflect the community & identity I was aiming for.  Then more recently, I decided to take the step to moderate what I was consuming as a millennial who had access to social media and entertainment. It was then that it hit me, I want to be apart of a movement that helps reclaim social media to be a more positive and inspirational place!  That’s why I wasn’t enjoying it as much and that’s why I always felt like there was a whole community that wasn’t really being tapped into.

This goal then went hand in hand with wanting to expand my idea of what my future would look like.  I’ve always been a writer but I’d never known what to do with it since I was so focused on my music.  Since I graduated college, I feel like I’ve had more time to explore the other ways the Lord has gifted me and it’s such an exciting time!  I’m not just a singer; I’m a writer, influential speaker, creative & artistic mind, innovator, and so many other things that I’ve yet to discover.  The Lord has been showing me parts of my identity I hadn’t fully realized yet and I’m so excited to see what the future holds.  This has also been a very big step in my season of singleness where the desires for future identity in life doesn’t just include mother and wife.  Though these are God breathed desires for my life, it used to be all my future consisted of and there are various other parts of my life that I could be dedicating to the Lord. Now?  I not only want to be a worship leader involved in ministry, I want to be a blogger, book writer, lyricist, & influential member of the Christian community.  I want to share myself with other people and help share what the Lord says about topics that are close to my heart.  I never would have realized any of these things had it not been for submitting myself to God’s plan instead of mine.

Though this post is short, it isn’t over.  This is just the beginning to a story yet to unfold and I can’t wait to share it with y’all!


2 thoughts on “When I’m an Adult, I Want to…

  1. It’s always hard to leave the “comfort zone” but it’s so rewarding to become a true part of God’s mission field. I’m in a similar boat over here and it was so inspiring to read about someone who is also taking the leap! 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you could relate! It’s never easy but so incredibly worth it when you do it. Definitely keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for the step that He is asking you to take. Have courage and know He’s with you (Joshua 1:9)!

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