Have you ever stopped to think about why you suddenly had the urge to do something crazy? You’re going about your business and then all of a sudden you feel like you’re supposed to do something; that type of feeling. Well it happens for me all the time but what follows is always a surprise waiting to unfold.

This past Wednesday, I was having a pretty rough day. Nothing bad in particular happened but emotionally, I was kind of down. All day it seemed as if I had been surrounded by couples.  Couples enjoying their relationship, enjoying each other, delighting in the spoils that come with being together and that made me hurt. I hurt because for a long time, I had been struggling with the fact that it wasn’t my turn. But when was it going to be my turn? My turn to laugh with someone, to cry with someone, to cuddle with someone, to encourage someone spiritually.  While everyone else around me had their person, I didn’t.  Tears welled up in my eyes but I decided I didn’t want to burst into tears in public so I packed up and went to my car to sob. The pain of being alone and not having my person was just too much.

In pursuit of my car, I noticed the rain had thickened outside.  I put on my raincoat, put up my umbrella and made my way outside.  I got to my car when I suddenly realized I needed to run inside of the bookstore across the way. On my way inside, I passed a man huddled over his backpack next to his bike, seemingly arranging something. Not even 10 minutes later, I was ready to leave when I saw the same man on his bike but something was different: the rain had picked up and it was pouring! It’s like the heavens opened up and released any left over flood from the time of Noah to descend on earth. I took a step from underneath the covering but felt directed to speak to the young man on the bike. Thus, I stopped and turned around as if by a will not my own.  “Hey-” I said, “Do you need an umbrella?”  The man looked up and squinted his eyes at the rain surrounding us just a few inches away from the protection of the sobered walkway.  “Yea I do. It’s really pouring out here.” I then, without blinking twice, gave the man the umbrella I was holding.  “Here, have mine!” I smiled and handed him the umbrella while I adjusted my jacket to cover myself more so I could endure the rain to my car.  He stood, puzzled.  “What? That’s so nice! Are you sure??” I smiled more and replied, “Yea! Take it. I have another in my car. You’re need it more than I do.” He stood, grateful but still amazed at my unexpected gift. “Thank you…” he said, “This is just what I needed. Thank you!” I nodded and replied, “I’m Sabrina! Nice to meet you.”

We then proceeded to talk for a long while. We exchanged stories and even our contact info. He was a wonderful soul and I felt so good to know I could be a friend to him when he had none. I went back to my car and sighed a sigh of relief. My heart could settle now that a once stranger, now friend, had an umbrella, dry socks, and some water to make it through the rest of his day.  I then remembered why I had come to my car in the first place: to cry over the fact that I had no one to call mine. But suddenly, I no longer felt the urge to cry. How could I weep when I just had a wonderful encounter with a new friend?  Here I was, moping and weeping over being single yet this man I just met (being new in town) had no one at all to call a true friend. No one to be in community with. No one to pour into let alone be poured into himself.  What was I doing feeling sorry for myself when I knew that I was blessed to have so many wonderful people to call mine?

God has a funny way of intervening in our lives.  Of course, as wonderful as this encounter was, this didn’t mean that my desire for a relationship went away.  I can’t honestly tell you that every ounce of my longing for a life partner was gone.  But I did come to know a sense of peace at that moment. I did experience a lesson I hadn’t known I’d needed.  When He says He will deliver our hearts from sorrow, He means it! He keeps His promises, always. Instead of letting me weep about the blessings that had yet to come, He showed me the ones I already had. He showed me how I could be someone’s “person” when they have none. To be someone’s friend in the sunny days as well as the cloudy ones. I’m still waiting on my future husband and I still yearn for him to arrive. But I know he’s coming because the Lord said he would. But I pray that I have the same joy in the future as I did when I made a friend in the rain.


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